How do I handle a boyfriend who is a crossdresser?

As a crossdresser who has been a girl’s boyfriend before, my answer is:

Very carefully.

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I know I want to try crossdressing but what if I feel more to it when I start? What would this mean for a crossdresser?

How do you feel having sex with someone of the opposite sex? honestly indicates nothing some transition from m to f to date women (lesbian) or from f to m to still date men (gay) but is their body what transgenders doing feel comfortable with not who they are attracted to. Gender identity and sexual orientation are completely different. And yes trans women may still want to date women or even both.

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How do I know if my cross-dressing has anything to do with me being transgender?

You should see a therapist. Crazy thing is that it has nothing to do with who you are sexually attracted to because you can as well be a lesbian or gay man inside the wrong body.

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What is the difference between a cross dresser and a trans woman?

When you look at a trans woman and a serious cross-dresser such as Chan herself not some dude who wear a dress and no wig. There’s no difference visually, you have the nice makeup, long hair, female attire etc.

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Is it wrong to be with a man who likes to crossdress?

As for women reading this, in other threads from other websites I have seen quotes such as “walk in to your husband cross-dressed and it will change your world” just don’t. Give that guy his space, go out with your girls, spend time out and when is time to come back, let him know don’t just walk in.

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How do I know if my husband is transgender or a crossdresser?

I am really hoping your husband is a cross-dresser. I mean, best case scenario on the other hand is that he is a lesbian. The question is, even if he transition and leaves his penis, Would you be willing to remain married to a woman? This is why I am hoping he is a cross-dresser.

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