Written by the wife of a trucker, a breast man, I can say these are satisfactory. While I have been told they don't feel like mine (I am in my 40s) they do offer him comfort away from home. Just slid these babies onto a pillow (no joke) and he can cuddle with boobies on cold nights or any time he's feeling lonely. While I am aware this is not exactly the intended purpose, it does the job for which they were purchased. So for those guys (and gals) who spend a significant time away from ur own boobies, I have been told someone who uses them daily, they do make a suitable substitute. Tho the constant nippy stiffy isn't what he's used to, that part is tolerable as he can still lay with boobies as his pillow, so that makes him happy.
Swim Mom
I recently had a double mastectomy with no reconstruction. I've been searching for breast forms that would be natural looking, comfortable to wear, and have enough 'heft' to hold my bra down... (I've found that with the breast tissue removed, my rib cage must be slightly narrower in the underarm area because bras want to slide/bunch UP!) This is the 3rd type of breast form I've tried: 1* cheapest foam form: light weight, supposedly good for swimming: comfortable & looked ok but ordered too small & they were too light & rode up too high on my chest. 2* silicone 'cutlet' shaped forms: a little more 'heft', but I ordered for my old bra size and the forms were a bit smaller than indicated size, also a little light and tending to inch upward over the day 3* THIS Ivita teardrop shaped silicone form; I ordered in a larger size (E-F) as I'm noticing that breast form sizing seems smaller than natural size; so these are heavier and a little larger than the others. They are heavy enough to stay in place in my *regular* bra – they don't ride up and they keep the bra from sliding up. For me, the teardrop shape also seems to look the most natural relative to my shape in clothing before surgery. So I am very happy with these! :)
Kevin G.
Just got this a couple of days ago. It seems to be well made and durable. All the measurements and weight are accurate. The color did seem a little different but that's probably just my computer screen. All in all I am very satisfied.
Javier Valentin
its surprisingly easy to put on, feels soft to the touch. I'm a large guy and got an C. my only recommendation because of the E size cups this is better suited for smaller/ skinnier guys.
Josefina Christina
Really great product for the money. It's cotton filler but that means less weight. They still bounce fairly well. As for comfort and putting it on you better use a lot of baby powder. This will help make it last longer and save your skin from suffocating. They look really good. Totally happy with the purchase.
totally not expecting this product being this good it gave me confidence to finally go out im a pretty big build i got the d size i usally wear like a 18- 20 and this was amazing will buy more in the future . one thing to know put baby powder to make wearing easier you will sweat alot lol ,i also suggest wearing a chocker just to hide neck seam
Lemon Pop
The quality is very impressive. Stretches very easily, and very durable! I had a slight issue with the complexion of my breastplate, and the customer service was quick to provide a solution. The breasts squeeze easily, the nipples are pretty erect (1/4”) and realistic, and I liked the collar bone detail at the front of the plate. The seams on the sides and shoulders are very subtle as well, and the neck on the plate extended about halfway up my natural neck, which gives me an idea of how far down I should blend my makeup. All in all, very pleased with the product for the price.
I really wanted whole suit. But didn’t know about quality or color. So I took a shot at this product. I was amazed. Color was perfect and stretchy. Not sure how long it will last because just got it. Think I will get whole suit now. But it’s not at fulfillment center so it will be longer for delivery. Wish they would keep in stock at fulfillment center. FYI I use baby powder (corn starch) prior to use and put on prior to wrapping in sheet for less stickiness for storage.
The item's presentation on arrival: It's quite discrete. It arrived wrapped in a packaging bag, which only indicated the required items, such as where it came from and to whom it was for. Inside of there the box was wrapped in a black, almost wrapping paper like material. To me, this makes it seem like it's a gift for you, which I think is great. Inside that is the box containing the item, which is further packaged in its own little bag. Some thought went into packaging this, for sure. Other breastforms I've gotten in the past were just wrapped in thin padding inside their box and that's it. Within this box, there was also a small packet of containing squares of the other colour options if you happened to order the wrong colour. How it appears: It looks quite realistic, feeling quite real as well. When putting it on and looking in a mirror, I realized that for whatever reason, my neck skin is a shade darker than anywhere else. The other thing I noticed is how big they were. (More on that later). The feel of having it on is like you're wearing a vest in a way. After around a half hour, I started to sweat quite a bit, while there's some ventilation in the item, I think it being the middle of summer overwhelmed what ventilation is there. Possibly, the ventilation could be improved on it, but I'm unsure how that would be accomplished from a design point...Anyways, Rambling. About the size: I'm 5" 5' (165 Cm) and 135 Lbs (58.96 Kg), for reference. I ordered the size C, hoping it would fit. When I got it, it appeared to be moreso size D or even E. With it on, excluding the fact I ordered the wrong colour, it felt way too big for me. I would suggest ordering a size down if possible. If C is the smallest you can go, I'd suggest waiting, as hopefully the selection gets expanded in the future. About the seller: They're relatively new, as if you look at the item's added date it's May of 2020. This on its own, really means nothing, but that the're probably working on widening the selection, as mentioned earlier. For those who are on the fence about ordering the wrong size or colour and being stuck with it. Don't be. If it's still too big (or small) when you get it, or you ordered the wrong colour, their customer service is one of the best I've had the pleasure of talking with. They'll help you if you got the wrong size or colour. Summary: A great product, with one of the best item presentations I've seen, and a great seller who really cares for each customer's experience. Would recommend to a friend if asked.
I’ve gone through gosh idk how many different forms of these. I’ve had big to small to cheap to expensive and it Hasent mattered because all of them eventually ended up tearing somehow. These are much more durable then I expected and quite comfortable. I have them on most all day and I don’t get overwhelmed with over hearing or just getting uncomfortable. There is a intention on the inside that helps a lot with the comfort and form fit. They look very realistic when I put them in a sports bra or in just a typical bra and a t-shirt. Sometimes they just don’t look good. I highly recommend if you are a daily get out there and show it kinda person and not just doing it for fun.
I bought this silicone breast because I have smaller breast/ flat chested actually .I want to wear something that I will look good and feel good about myself... and this product did that.I am happy about my purchase and they actually send me a free pockets to protect the silicones.I want others to know how great this product is. I am using this for almost a month and I'm not encountering any problem as of now. It's a great product for me and I'm planning to purchase more in the future.
Lillian Glaeser
Its just what I needed, was only a half of breast left on one side and this just fills the bra out nicely, very comfortable, don't even know your wearing it. Its just a little to big so if your small breasted I'd get won a little smaller
Deborah Stone
This high quality product arrived quickly. I am thrilled to be able to order masectomy products online. There are limited options in my town and it's wonderful to have this option. I communicated with customer Moovant directly to register the form and they were both knowledgeable and gracious. I will be purchasing from them again!
Brandy Rose
These are perfect for my transgender teenage daughter while we are waiting for her natural breasts to grow. She says they are very comfortable, and not to heavy, and they look, and feel very natural. She is very happy with them.
Fits perfect goes great with my new dress
Ramona Posey
I love this boob!!! I have silicone 1's from TLC, 1 from my insurance (which makes crickling sounds when you move), I have foam (that don't weigh enough and one boob is higher than the other) and I have beaded (same problem, not enough weight). This product is awesome!!! Not as big and HOT as my other silicone replacements, smaller and fits into my pocketed bras. When wearing a v neck it looks like my real cleavage instead of an overstuffed bra!!! I love this and feel confident again!!! Donating all my other boobs! Thank you, it's been 10 years since I had a nice rack! LOL
I was a little skeptical but decided to give it a try. I had a masctomy on my right side only but have an implant that doesn't match the size on my left. Always being uncomfortable with my appearance, I tried this product and it worked perfectly. I was going away on vacation and used it in my takini top and wore it daily in the ocean and in my bra that allows inserts. I have been wearing it ever since and can tell you it looks natural and feels comfortable. I only needed about a size bigger on my right so I got the AA. I completely recommend this product, you won't be sorry. Just make sure you pick the right size for your needs.
Am so happy to have found this product. Not cumbersome like traditional prostheses and fits nicely into most non-underwire bras. Haven not tried it with an underwire, but am certain it would work as well. The weight, size and balance looks and feels very natural.If you have any questions, you will find customer service to be immediately responsive via instant messaging. Additionally, the Moovant website provided great sizing guidelines.
These forms are great! I had a unilateral mastectomy and did not want reconstruction for various reasons. It didn not feel right with one form, so I ordered two different sizes to make my breasts appear the same. The concave design is perfect and a comfortable fit against my existing breast but does not give in on the mastectomy side. I was a small B, so I ordered a B and C which gives a nice C appearance (the implants I always needed anyway). I like them having a little weight to keep my bra from riding up. Happy customer!
This is written by my wife:I am a breast cancer patient and I am very flat on my surgery side. This prosthesis matches my natural side (size A cup) very well and it's comfortable. It's not too hot or heavy like some others are. You can not beat the price either! If something happens to this one I will most certainly buy another.
william Tammie
My Mother is 83 years of age and has dementia and lost her Prosthesis somewhere in the Nursing Home. No one could find it. I ordered this for her not sure of what I was going to get. It was perfect andgood quality I am ordering a spare.
Arelys Reyes
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Lynda Hudmon
I bought this breast form to use at home or on dog walks as an extra as I wear out my Anita/Amoena breast forms more quickly than insurance will cover. I am very pleased with this product so far. I am in between sizes, so it was slightly smaller than my remaining real breast, but then I have the same problem with the boutique breast forms as well. This breast form looks and feels natural. I am very comfortable wearing it. As with the more expensive brands, it sets off the TSA machines that scan your body at the airport and I get patted down every time.
Marie Farrell
I originally bought the larger, teardrop version, but I was too large and too heavy. I sent it back and got this one at 200A size to fill the gap between my real D cup and my fake C cup that's really obvious in photos. It arrived today and it's far lighter weight, and it looks even where the other didn not. I didn not really feel it all today, and it didn not bother me (granted nerves are cut there). I like that it's indented on the underside and fit my fake breast inside that. It feels similar to an implant, and I was fine with it not in a pocket bra. So far so good. I will update if anything happens.