Remember to always dress for the occasion and take your daily life into account. If you will be passing as a woman on a regular basis and work in a professional environment, provocative or flashy clothing will not be appropriate. If you’re going out clubbing, wearing more revealing clothes is fine. If you’re passing as a woman for a party or special event, go all out. Be over the top in your clothing choices.

Here are some tips on how to look & pass in public:
Look Clean & Fresh:

Females are known for having smooth skin, clean and shiny hair, and a clean body, so take your time. Take a shower. So much is done in the shower, including shaving, washing your hair, and getting generally clean.

Lose facial and body hair:

After you’ve washed your body and shampooed your hair, a close shave is a must for passing as a woman. Use a new razor and take your time. Also, be gentle; you don’t want to irritate your skin. Using plenty of shaving cream and razors with three or more blades will keep razor burn to a minimum. If you really want to keep stubble away, you can try waxing, electrolysis, or even permanent laser hair removal, but consult with a professional first.
Shave your entire body, too. If you haven’t done this ever or in a while, be prepared to spend a lot of time in the shower. You might go through multiple razor blades, so keep extra on hand.- Use moisturizer after shaving. This will give your skin a soft, feminine feel while soothing freshly shaven skin. Choose a scent you like, too.

It is very important to have a face that looks feminine if you want to pass. You need to learn how to use makeup properly, don’t overdo it. So take time in learning and practicing as much as you can. Learn how to apply eyeliner, eye-shadow, blush, and lipstick. Having proper mascara and lipstick can greatly help to make you look more womanly. Another thing is applying foundation. It will cover up any blemishes and give your face a smooth appearance. Use a moisturizer and primer before applying the foundation. The rest of your makeup will go on much easier and look better. Use your fingers or an applicator to blend the foundation so there’s no clear line between makeup and skin.

Next thing is to pluck your eyebrows. Women generally have thinner eyebrows than men. Remove stray hairs by plucking them firmly from their roots. For highly stylized brows, you may want to seek a professional, but plucking eyebrows can easily be done at home.

Style your hair. If you have long hair then take time in styling it properly and if your hair is short, use hair wigs or extensions. Wigs come in a variety of cuts, colors, textures, and lengths, so you can find a wig that fits your style. It will take some practice to handle wigs properly too.
Feminize Your Face & Hair Properly:

Pick the right outfit:

Dressing like a woman involves planning your look from head to toe, beginning with your top or dress. The color choice will vary depending on your personal style. If you’re going for a business look, choose more neutral colors, but if you’re going for a night out clubbing, go for bright colors and patterns. Also, choosing a top or dress that flatters your figure is important.

– Choose an outfit that best suits your frame. Plunging necklines draw attention from broad shoulders, so these are often good choices for passing as a woman. Knowing your body and working with it is essential to passing.

– If you are more full-figured and have a larger midsection, don’t get a shirt that shows your belly. Fabrics that stretch like polyester can be very comfortable.

– If your arms are very bulky, consider using a shawl to cover them when wearing sleeveless outfits.

– Corsets, gaffs, breast forms, and other specialized bodyshapers are also available.

– Hide any bulge in the crotch area. This is a sure way to be anything but a woman.

– Don’t wear very revealing outfits. Its a straight give away. You don’t want too much attention.

Choose accessories: There are tons of pretty accessories on the market today, including rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and hair decorations. Try to tailor accessories to the outfit you’re wearing.
Pick shoes:

Your shoes should be comfortable but still stylish. Women don’t always wear heels, so you don’t have to punish your feet. Flats may look better for because men are normally taller than women, so wearing heels could make you tower over others. Once again, think about the occasion. If you’re going to be walking a lot or on your feet all day, heels will not be comfortable.

• Heels make your leg muscles tense, so they can make them seem more bulky. This is especially true if your legs are already very toned.
• Ballet flats are affordable, girly, and come in an array of colors and patterns.
• If you do get heels, wearing them around the house can help you become used to walking in them.
Reflect on your look.

Stand in front of a full length mirror and turn around so you can see yourself from every angle. Decide if there is any part of your outfit that looks unfashionable or unflattering. If there is, change! Passing for a woman involves a bit of extra time getting ready Give yourself about an extra half hour to get ready just in case you need to do any last minute changes.