If you insist, here are a few things to look at. How do you feel when you are dressed in the clothes socially acceptable for the gender you were born in? Being honest with you, I LOVE being a girl, but when I get back to my man clothes I feel no different, I know I am a man, I love women and men alike since I am bisexual, I love the way I look in both. B

But being a transgender is not in the clothes, it has nothing to do with what you wear and that’s where non-cross-dressers, and heterosexual except heterosexual cross-dressers are wrong. It doesn’t matter what you dress what matter is your body. Instead of asking what you like to wear more. Heck you can go 24/7 opposite sex clothing I mean to day to day activities, work, supermarket, laundry even the bed and still you are a cross-dresser only that you are 24/7. Ask yourself “am I in the wrong body?” do I like the fact that I have breasts (if you are a born a woman) Do I like the fact I have no breasts? Do I want breasts? (if you were born a man). Certain gender specific questions should be addressed even without professional help. I edited to add, that only gender specific questions about your body should be taken into consideration, being a transgender has nothing do to with what you wear. You could refrain entirely from wearing man clothes and still be a cross-dresser if you don’t go through any treatment. It has nothing to do with who you are attracted to. I know gay men that don’t cross-dress at all and gay men that cross-dress but don’t see themselves transitioning to female. I for example consider myself bisexual I have had sex with both men, women as well as transgender. Would I consider some lesbian encounter? yes would I be happy being en femme 24/7 I am not sure yet, I haven’t given this a serious thought but one thing is certain, I am happy with my body, I like huge breast on my chest like 40DD but not naturally because my body is just perfect as it is.

These are the questions you need to address, your body? are you in the right body? However, this is a very delicate topic that requires professional to prevent changes you will probably regret later.

Good luck