Here are a few things I wish women knew about cross-dressers. Now, you found out he cross-dresses and he is still a man, he loves being a man but in your head you say “I feel betrayed, I married a man I didn’t know” truth is, not every cross-dresser is the same. Some like to dress and be sexless they don’t think about sex, just be a beautiful girl for a change and distract from day to day worries. Hey, is not that bad, other people distract from day to day worries using drugs and or the least offensive thing they do is smoking. Some are straight, they cross-dress and still want to get with a woman, have some lesbian fantasy, then there are others who dress because of how sexy they feel and it arouses them. Pretty much just seeking sexual gratification (fetish) and of course bisexuals like myself, and of course this is the worst case scenario the one you fear is that your man cross-dresses to get in touch with who he was meant to be. But going back to the “I feel betrayed…” quote maybe that wasn’t the intention. In my case it took decades despite being bisexual, despite doing it since I was about 6 years old I always felt embarrassed and was something I was trying not to be. I was ashamed of it and so my partners never knew even my ex boyfriend found out just weeks before our relationship ended, I didn’t want to share something I didn’t want in my life or was trying to figure out what that was. I felt that being bisexual was fine but being girly made me inferior.

At the end, after finally accepting myself that’s when I decided to come out with it. So, you have to be mindful of that, maybe he’s not out as a cross-dresser but you suspect say you find panties in the house that are not yours, or something else like some of your clothes stretched a bit, or your makeup not in the same order as you left it. Be mindful that he may be struggling to rid of the girl. Here is the newsflash, that’s who he is, in fact he may need professional help in my case the professional help came from above when I nearly died and decided I had to be happier, make peace with myself and just be happy. So you can’t make it about you, he loved you and he thought he could win that fight against his girly self and be the man he meant to be.

How do you know someone may have a secret that is eating them up? well, you know the person is sweet, is overall a great person but lashes for nothing. That was me when I hid my sexuality and cross-dressing from the people I love.

Just remember, the fact that he is a cross-dresser (if he is) doesn’t make him less of a man. There’s a reason why you saw this guy and fell in love with him, there’s a reason why you decided to go to a second and third then lost the count dates with him, there’s a reason why you said yes when he proposed to you and there’s a bigger reason that you said yes to him in front of friends, family and God. In the bed I am only speaking from my perspective but if you are here asking questions I guess husband is doing his job in and out of it (congrats) My first ex girlfriend still to this day willing to leave her husband and be with me, several women through my years and of course my own girlfriend still here with me even after I came out and even told her my ex is a he. We are just men. But as Virginia and Em told you, just talk to him, be mindful and yes being prepared for all possible outcomes is wise.