No there’s nothing wrong.

Yes I know some guys that are heterosexual and cross-dress. In my case I happen to be bisexual. I already told my girlfriend and my mother. 
The problem I have is that my girl want to see me, maybe she wants to do some lesbian stuff since she is bi-curious herself. Honestly that’s something I am afraid of, I love this woman very much and the last thing I want is for her to stop seeing me as the man, yes I have had a great relationship with a man but right now I really love that woman and I don’t really want to lose her.

As for women reading this, in other threads from other websites I have seen quotes such as “walk in to your husband cross-dressed and it will change your world” just don’t. Give that guy his space, go out with your girls, spend time out and when is time to come back, let him know don’t just walk in.

Here are the bad things of dating a cross-dresser

  • No freedom of simply walking into your house without announcing you are coming unless you say “I’m coming around this hour”
  • probably he is bisexual like myself and may be interested in guys (not in every case, some are straight)
  • Probably he doesn’t have clothes of his own and wear yours that’s awkward if he gets caught
  • Your makeup may run out faster specially if both have the same skin complexion and he is afraid of ordering makeup
  • Extra space for makeup if he has his makeup and clothing
  • If he forgets to store his things and you mistakenly wear them you will feel anorexic :D

The good

  • We can appreciate when a woman spend time to look her best specially in the Summer time because we know the time and effort it takes
  • maybe you don’t feel like doing your makeup, not a problem, you have help
  • Someone who understands female fashion just as well as male fashion
  • Not so impatient in the clothing stores although may cause anxiety if say he is closeted even to you. In other circumstances he may not
  • No fear of cheating, other guys would be waiting for you to step out of the house and go out with some other chick, this guy is waiting for you to leave and he becomes the girl