However, there are big differences such as a cross-dresser may not necessarily be interested in men, flattered but is a straight man in female clothing. Em also explains about the gender identity. In my case yes I like men but I am a man I never think of transitioning.

When looking at a transgender we are also looking at someone who has gone through procedures such as real breasts, hormones treatment and because of it natural feminine voice. Transgenders are so much in touch with their femininity because that’s who they were born to be and what they are 24/7. In action that’s when you can tell who is a cross-dresser and who is not. However, just standing next to each other a serious cross-dresser like the aforementioned Ms. Chan is pretty hard to tell who is a cross-dresser. I have been cross-dressing for years and maybe I can pass but not for long. I’m not this all 24 hours of the day.

In short a cross-dresser is a man who wears female clothing, wig can be straight, bisexual, gay. However, we are aware we are men

Transwomen actually go through procedures, they were born in the wrong body.