If you purchase breast forms too large for your frame then not only can you have difficulty finding clothing to fit you correctly, but you may also project a persona that you do not intend and even attract some unwanted attention. By taking the time to size yourself correctly, you will save yourself time and money by not having to return and exchange breast forms.

The following are the easy steps to take to find the correct size of breast forms you need:

    Measure for your bra band
    Choose the correct breast form cup size for your body
    Select the right shape breast forms

Get these 3 easy steps right and you will not only get it right the first time, but you will look and feel your feminine best when looking in a mirror. If you get the breast form size right for your body, it will give you a lot of confidence in your crossdresser self.

Measure your Bra Band:

    Take a regular tape measure and hold around your chest underneath the pectoral muscle – this is usually 2 to 3 inches below the nipple and where the regular band on a bra sits on the chest.
    Hold the tape firm and ensure it is level all the way around to be certain of an accurate measure. If soft skin overlaps the tape you are holding it too tight though.
    Mark the point at which the tape meets and if an odd number then size up to the next even number.
    You measure, for example, 34″. Add to this number 4 inches to calculate the accurate bra band measurement for yourself; in this case, 34″ + 4″ = 38″ bra band.

Please note there are exceptions to this rule. Some crossdressers may use 2 or 3 bra band sizes depending on the effect they wish to achieve. For example, some crossdressers may have enough pectoral flesh to create some cleavage with their breast forms by wearing a bra band that is a size or two smaller than usual. But when starting out you should keep to the standard measure above.

Choose your Cup Size:

This is where you determine how large your bust size will be/look. As a general guide:

    B = small cup size
    C = medium cup size
    D = large cup size
    DD = v. large cup size

Whilst the majority of our customers wish to be passable/in proportion, there are those who do prefer to be ‘busty’. If striving for a passable look then choose no more than a C cup and indeed, if you are slim e.g. 170 lbs and less than 5′ 11″ we would suggest no more than a B cup to be in proportion.

Remember, you want to create a female shaped bust that not only fills out garments correctly but that it also helps minimize the effect of male looking shoulders. Just as breast forms that are too big will look strange, so will crossdresser breast forms that are too small.

Choosing the Correct Size of Breast Form:

All breast form manufacturers have a size chart for each breast form model. On the Crossdressshow website, you will see a Size Chart tab on each breast form page. You have measured and calculated your bra band to be a 38 and have decided that you want to be a C cup. On the size chart look for a 38C to see the size breast form you need. Some charts will be numbered 4, 5, 6, etc and you may find that a 38C breast form will be a Size 6 breast form. Usually, the chart will have listed a line for Size 6 as follows:

Size 6 – 34DD, 36D, 38C, 40B

This means that the same Size 6 breast form will fit all 4 of the stated bra sizes. Just make sure you choose the size breast form that will fill your (in this case) 38C bra. Note that whilst some manufacturers use the numerical numbering in the size charts others may use Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, 2XL etc. Also, some size charts will offer 2 size breast for each bra/cup size. For example, 38C in the Transform size chart below is covered by 6/7 depending on how full a cup you require.

Shape and Other Breast Form Considerations:

Many crossdressers will have several pairs of breast forms in different sizes for wearing with different outfits and for different occasions. For example, wearing daytime clothing to blend in and be passable will require a more conservative choice in your cup size. However, night time club wear and fun party occasions may give the opportunity to be bigger-busted and more over-the-top.

Just as cup size will affect the look you end up with so can the shape of the breast forms. For example, a rounded triangle shape will project 25 to 30% more than a teardrop or oval even in the same size. So too will the amount of concave there is on the back of forms. Do your research and make sure you find the correct breast forms to match the size your body needs.

All our  Crossdresser tips breast forms will fit the appropriate size bras we sell. Beware when you purchase your own bras that consideration should be given to the type of bra you wear. For example, a padded bra will throw off the sizing of your breast forms. Padded bras by their nature add at least ½ a cup size to your measurement than a regular bra so beware.