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Very nice shape and they do warm quickly once applied. I believe I will continue to order items through this seller, very pleased with my purchases today.

Very realistic and a life-changer for people needing these. Made from quality materials and should last a nice long time with proper care. They could be a little bit softer (and I mean just a tiny bit) seeing that bras tend to help control the shape as well which can cause these to feel a little too firm if somebody accidentally bumps them while going about your day.

Shop worth recommending. Attractive prices and high quality products. I encourage everyone to take advantage of the offer.

Never have found a more friendly and accepting store for us crossdressers. Thank you for your support for the community.

______ David Miller ______

Graphic Designer

______ Brown Clutch ______

Product Designer

______ David Miller ______

Sales Manager

______ Jackson Lee ______


Crossdressing Tips

As a crossdresser who has been a girl’s boyfriend before, my answer is: Very carefully.

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How do you feel having sex with someone of the opposite sex? honestly indicates nothing some transition from m to f to date women (lesbian) or from...

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You should see a therapist. Crazy thing is that it has nothing to do with who you are sexually attracted to because you can as well be a lesbian or...

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